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About us

Rapid Fit Snow Chains from Metallist 

Keeping you moving – whatever the conditions! 

Thank you for visiting the all-new metalpro.su website. Here you will find the complete range of snow chains, including the amazing classic chains "Ladder"  as well as the innovative tire chains "Cells" for "hard" road. In addition to snow chains we also offer the superb acsessories, emergency strap on tire chains, which are ideal backup for use in any conditions .
Snow chains Metallist is the Russian’s leading specialist snow chain company, based in Yasnogorsk, Tula area and has been supplying Snow Chains  for all types of vehicles in the RF for over 25 years. We hope you will find our web site to be as user friendly as possible and offering the best products at the best prices. Unlike many other Internet companies we actively encourage customers to telephone us with their queries before making a purchase. Our highly experienced team are always on hand to give friendly advice and answer your questions. 

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                YOU HAVE TIRES, WE HAVE CHAINS!!!